We offer all our advertisers, the most direct and efficient marketing program by directly connecting the local commerce with the purchasing power of the local community thru 24.

At 24, we take serious the meaning of the words value and savings.

We offer our advertisers the best value for the money. In today’s economy, we see the great need for an innovative approach to attract more customers to buy our products or services.

We take the time to get to know our clients and develop advertising that generates the best ROI for their business.
We work to include offers from businesses that add value to the lives of our consumer audience from trying out new restaurants, the purchase of products or services up to improving or remodeling their homes.

We strive to create a work environment where productivity is defined in terms of fulfillments and respect.

As a valued member of our business family, our experienced team of professionals will help you create the successful business that you will value.

Cityzone24, the advertising solution that hits
home in more ways than one….

When you are thinking to maximize your advertising campaign results, always use our advertising coupons guide with discounts that will give you the most optimal and economic results.


No matter what business you are in – dining or entertainment, home improvement, health and beauty, automotive and much more, 24 provides you with a full range of professional marketing services and many years of expertise to ensure that your message reaches your ideal customer.

Depending on your marketing strategy and budget, you can choose from a variety of coupon formats and colors and the targeting options that you may select.


  • Find the best deals near home
  • Save on spa, restaurants, gyms, beauty … and everything you want!
  • Get coupons for free or print them as many times as you want – without limits
  • Nothings prepaid, pay as you consume on site.
  • Repeat as many times as you want while the promotion lasts.
  • Invite your friends to enjoy these opportunities.



We are not a group selling.
Bring customers in from your immediate surroundings
No Commissions
Your Geo-Located business
Track your promotions easily and without intermediaries.
You decide how much, when and how

When your customers decide to purchase,
your promotion decides.


¿WHY CityZone24?

I’ve never done it … Why launch promotions now?
Your customers are more price sensitive than ever, but they want to continue with a great lifestyle and good rhythm, looking for great 24 promotions before deciding to purchase.

Many people talk about profitability … How much does it cost to businesses each new customer?
24 does not make any sales commissions when coupons are downloaded and printed from the website or our coupons guide. Every new customer will cost less than a postage stamp depending on your business sector. Who offers a better price? Think about it …

I’ve tried group selling with another company. Is 24 like it?
We are the opposite! 24 is transparent, efficient and economical, because when customers come in to your business, they are mostly from your district or surrounding areas, preventing the visits of abusive clients that will come from far away and never come back.

I do not have time for anything. How long would it take me?
Taking control of your promotions is very easy; 24 is designed for small business owners like you, and every day thousands of them throw their promos with our company taking control over their business.