1. Select from our Website the promotion that interest you most: Choose the area and the category from all the promotional discounts.
  2. Print all your coupons and discounts from our Website: Coupons can be printed in black and white or color if you desired.
  3. Cut out your coupons and your discount card: It is necessary to present the coupon and the discount card to take advantage of the discounted offers or promotions.
  4. Enjoy all the promotions and discounts: Make sure to let the company know, before ordering any product or using a service, that you are carrying a discount coupon.

That simple! ARE YOU READY?

At the moment of paying for a product or service, please present the coupon and discount card for this offer to be valid.
All promotions are available completely free of charge.
The companies offering all the promotions and discounts are solely responsible to comply with all the offers and discounts indicated on each coupon.
Companies are solely responsible for the coupon´s offers validity and not 24.
All the offers and promotions are not valid or compatible with any other type of discounts.